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Faith is strength!

In a time where all we see is chaos and division, it is now more than ever that we need real faith. Faith is not faith when we act as if we can place our faith in anything. Faith is the evidence of things hoped for when we can't see it to begin with. Yahweh is the only God and when we defy the only truth which is His word, then we lose the reality of faith. We can lie to ourselves like the devil wants us too, but when it is said and done we will be tested and we will fall when it is not Yahweh or His Son Yeshua that is the focus. We are about to witness the world go into chaos and that will be the evil getting its way. Most will believe the lies and then be fooled to believe that everything will be ok. The sad thing is that they will be selling their souls and eternal destination to the evil. I pray that people can begin to see the truth before it is too late. God be with you all and may His Christ guide your steps!!!!

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