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At the mercy of The Sea

God is not some make believe genie in the sky waiting to grant us our three top wishes. All throughout time as we know it, mankind has tried to make Gods out of the things we can see. In each person God instills the longing in which there is a deeper need to know what it is that God holds. God is love and in this love we can begin to be completed.

1 Corinthians 2:9 -but just as it is written,

“Things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard,

And which have not entered the heart of man,

All that God has prepared for those who love Him.”

Most people think that God ordains storms and the likes of these things on earth. If this were the case then why did Jesus rebuke the storm in the boat on the Sea of Galilee? People expect to see the answers before the test is given. In some religious circles people still believe it is by their own works and power that they can see God more than the next person. This is the same way of thinking that blinded the men who crucified the Christ (anointed one) of the almighty God. Can you close your eyes and sit in silence for twenty minutes without your own mind racing, sending thoughts through you in which block the chance to hear God for yourself?

John 5:25-“Truly, truly, I say to you, an hour is coming and now is, when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God, and those who hear will live.

John 8:47 -“He who is of God hears the words of God; for this reason you do not hear them, because you are not of God.”

Jesus was telling us that we are all dead in our own sin, and until you submit to the truth that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the only way to obtain life the way it is intended to be, then you cannot hear God. There is no other way to God because Jesus died to be the way! There is no other truth! If you think there is then ask yourself this. Do I still feel empty thinking that the next big thing will fill that hole? Jesus can only help you if you believe with your heart, and all other religious activities will leave you still dead in your sin. Submitting to the authority of Jesus does not mean your problems fade away, it just guarantees that He will help you see why it is they came to begin with. If I was to tell you a war is coming and in order for you to be safe we have to go to a certain location so the military can protect us. It would be your choice to believe me or do your own thing, right? If you chose not to go and the war breaks out then you are on your own. You cannot expect the protection to help when you chose to deny the truth that they could help. God gave the whole world the choice to believe in His word, and through His Christ His word opened the gates of heaven. This gives everyone the choice to believe and if they do God can protect you. This takes faith knowing that the things that evil does will come eventually, but when it is does, whose protection are you under? There are too many lies out there in the world and especially in the church. Satan has dumbed down people for so long that they don’t even think He is relevant anymore. This is exactly what was coming in more ways than one. To make the lukewarm people who claim to know the Christ, wake up for a revival. To let those who only know evil and hate to see God’s power in a way only He can display. Think about how far America has drifted from God? People have been persuaded that this country was founded on other truths but that is a lie. All people have to do is quit listing to the evil that surrounds us and search the truth themselves. There is plenty of people still exposing the lies and the one’s telling the lies are trying to hold down the ones exposing them.

2 Timothy 3:13-17 and 4:1-5: 13 But evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.

14 You, however, continue in the things you have learned and become convinced of, knowing from whom you have learned them,

15 and that from childhood you have known the sacred writings which are able to give you the wisdom that leads to salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.

16 All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness;

17 so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work.

Chapter 4

“Preach the Word”

1 I solemnly charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead, and by His appearing and His kingdom:

2 preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort, with great patience and instruction.

3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires,

4 and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths.

5 But you, be sober in all things, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.

These are the end days and I know that my King will be back shortly, PRAISE GOD! So many people are being lied too and they are sucked into the lies of this evil world. Being tossed about in the storms that rage in the spiritual realm as well as the storms that are increasing in the physical. When people don’t know about Jesus and the truth of what He did for all mankind, they are subjected to the evil which has done and is doing everything it can to keep them from hearing the good news (gospel). Look at what Jesus told us!

Matthew 24:1-28: 1 Jesus came out from the temple and was going away when His disciples came up to point out the temple buildings to Him.

2 And He said to them, “Do you not see all these things? Truly I say to you, not one stone here will be left upon another, which will not be torn down.”

3 As He was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him privately, saying, “Tell us, when will these things happen, and what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?”

4 And Jesus answered and said to them, “See to it that no one misleads you.

5 “For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will mislead many.

6 “You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end.

7 “For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes.

8 “But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs.

9 “Then they will deliver you to tribulation, and will kill you, and you will be hated by all nations because of My name.

10 “At that time many will fall away and will betray one another and hate one another.

11 “Many false prophets will arise and will mislead many.

12 “Because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold.

13 “But the one who endures to the end, he will be saved.

14 “This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come.

Perilous Times

15 “Therefore when you see the abomination of desolation which was spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place (let the reader understand),

16 then those who are in Judea must flee to the mountains.

17 “Whoever is on the housetop must not go down to get the things out that are in his house.

18 “Whoever is in the field must not turn back to get his cloak.

19 “But woe to those who are pregnant and to those who are nursing babies in those days!

20 “But pray that your flight will not be in the winter, or on a Sabbath.

21 “For then there will be a great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever will.

22 “Unless those days had been cut short, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short.

23 “Then if anyone says to you, ‘Behold, here is the Christ,’ or ‘There He is,’ do not believe him.

24 “For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect.

25 “Behold, I have told you in advance.

26 “So if they say to you, ‘Behold, He is in the wilderness,’ do not go out, or, ‘Behold, He is in the inner rooms,’ do not believe them.

27 “For just as the lightning comes from the east and flashes even to the west, so will the coming of the Son of Man be.

28 “Wherever the corpse is, there the vultures will gather.

The Romans actually destroyed the temple in 70 A.D. and when they did they went through flipping every stone because the temple was made out of gold. They didn’t even realize they were fulfilling the words Jesus spoke in verse 2 of the above text. How blind were they due to their lack of belief? The world is in chaos and the truth is that Jesus didn’t expect all people to believe, but He knew that the ones who truly did and would, could face the things coming at all times because of their Faith. God wants you to realize that it isn’t what men wrote that saves us, it is His spirit that He sends with the words that does the saving. When the tug comes at your heart that is the tug of love. Jesus died for you and He loves you. The God that Jesus submitted too and still to this day submits too, loves us all. So don’t listen to the lies, don’t let the feeling pass when the Holy Spirit comes knocking at your heart. Hit your knees and open your heart to the God that makes all things new. We are all at the mercy of the sea at times in life and it seems we are in a sinking boat at times. The beauty of it all though is that we can accept the free gift of Grace from the one who controls the winds. The boat is just a tool God allowed us to make, but all the provisions come from God. Jesus knew this and that is why He was able to calm the storm and the wind let go of its hold on the boat they were in at the time.

Mark 4:35-41: 35 On that day, when evening came, He said to them, “Let us go over to the other side.”

36 Leaving the crowd, they took Him along with them in the boat, just as He was; and other boats were with Him.

37 And there arose a fierce gale of wind, and the waves were breaking over the boat so much that the boat was already filling up.

38 Jesus Himself was in the stern, asleep on the cushion; and they woke Him and said to Him, “Teacher, do You not care that we are perishing?”

39 And He got up and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, “Hush, be still.” And the wind died down and it became perfectly calm.

40 And He said to them, “Why are you afraid? How is it that you have no faith?”

41 They became very much afraid and said to one another, “Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey Him?”

The authority that Jesus was given from God was so powerful, but Jesus also never had a doubting faith. We who come to know God through Jesus the Christ have to quit letting the world tell us things that block our Faith. We can all mature under Christ and all the while the devil will be sending things at us to try and stop us. It is all up to the heart of the individual. I pray that those who read these words will give their whole heart to the God who truly exists. In this supplication to God I pray that His Christ truly becomes the Lord of your hearts!!!!!!!!

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