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Blessings in disguise!

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

We can get caught up in this selfish world and miss the whole meaning of the grace of God. Even before we are blessed to hear the good news of our savior Jesus, we have been blessed by the grace of God. Even when our worst moments were taking place I guarantee none of us even got close to what our savior experienced. My personal experience has allowed me to feel persecution from a title that was placed on my head from a mistake I made in life. Thousands of sleepless nights and hundreds of drunken days could never drown out the fact that the world was still a mess and I was just joining the crowd. The lies mounted up and the further I would run away from God. See even in this I was loved and through it all I was delaying the truth in the fact that I was forgiven if only I would submit to the authority that was given to the King Jesus. If grace was not true before I found the real truth then I would had been eliminated from this earth long before I found truth. We have all sinned and don’t deserve the grace of God. So if God didn’t show grace before we found the truth then why would we ever get the chance to see the truth? Grace is so deep and the love that is in his grace is endless with no boundaries. I have come to realize that all my problems and trials were full of grace as God could had just ended my life instead of allowing my choices to bring me heart ache. With heart ache brings questions and unless we have questions we can find no answers. For some of us it just takes more heart ache before we chose to drop the pride inside and start asking the questions that really matter. It is like the stubborn man who drives around lost refusing to stop and ask for directions. The mirror in reality shows us our face and in that mirror we can make a choice to fix our hair, wash our face, and make things look better for the world to see. That mirror can never fix the hurt or pain inside no matter how hard we try to make the world believe we are something we are not. God wants us all to know that his words he had faithful men write are the mirror for our spirit. We can read them with a broken heart, or with years of built of anger inside no matter what the situation He wants us to come with a sincere heart the same as He allowed his Son to choose to die for us with a heart that can never be matched, only strived for.

1 Timothy 2:5-6: 5-Fot there is one God, and one mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, 6-who gave himself as a ransom for all, the testimony born at the proper time.

We are told in verse three in this chapter of how God is our savior, but we fail to realize that it was Jesus who gave himself up. I am a child of the most high not by anything I had ever or could ever do, but all because of what the man Jesus the Christ (anointed one) did for all of mankind. I have been in deep sorrow in my spirit lately due to knowing what most will never even come to accept. My King is coming and most are too blind to see it. Even if they do hear the truth that Jesus is coming back they choose to ignore it for some reason. I have found myself asking the Father lately, how many people in the days of our savior would tell themselves and others that they wished they lived in Bible days. The fact is that all men/women/children who have ever lived and will ever live have always been in the days of the Bible. History is just that it is “His” “Story” it is the mighty God’s or Yahweh. Jesus is the middle of it all and all time as we know it teeters at that cross. Today as I write this for Yahweh it is May 2, 2019 and it is the National day of prayer for this country. In a time where the enemy, evil ones, have been gaining ground for way to long, I have been assured from God that it takes people falling away to make us realize that his grace and love is that which governs over all things. It doesn’t matter what we think of people, it only matters what God thinks and in that if we seek him then he shows us why he loves us all through our pain and suffering. I know that God is just because he spared me and if you are reading this then he has also spared you. So next time you find yourself complaining or down on yourself just remember you have been spared and that you can pick up his word so that you can begin to see your spirit through the mirror of his promises made through time. We can never measure up but the beauty is that when we let go and turn our eyes to the savior, we can allow the Father to send the Holy (set apart) Spirit to change us from the inside out. The deeper the pain then the deeper he will help you dig so that you can truly see yourself the way He always intended it. We are loved, we are forgiven and we will walk in victory thanks to our King of Kings, Jesus! God bless you all

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