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Endless Love!

Psalm 103:12

12 As far as the east is from the west,

So far has He removed our transgressions from us?

The Love of God has always been in this world. This doesn’t mean that mankind has chosen to accept this love. When Adam allowed the deception of Satan to overtake his feelings, it was a choice. The woman we know as Eve was overcome first with the lust of the mind and then Adam allowed the same thing happen to him. In Genesis we are given the account of truth, and how things came to be.

People wonder why if God is such a loving God then how could He allow such bad things to happen. It’s an easy answer because God didn’t give the world to us in this shape. The world was perfect (complete). This means that because we were created in the image of God we all have the luxury of choosing. In order for us to love like God does, then we have to be able to choose to love. Every person who has ever lived has had the choice either to love or deny love. We can shape love in to our own understanding but when it is not rooted in the truths of love created by the author then it will fall apart every time.

1 John 2:15-19: Do Not Love the World

15 Do not love the world nor the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

Jesus was born for the whole world, and when this happened it changed the way the world would understand this amazing God. If God wasn’t a loving God then He would have never sacrificed His own son. God loves all of us the same as He did Jesus, but it was the word of God that indwelled in Jesus that showed the world the truth of God’s character. Satan has dwelled in the world the whole time we as mankind have been here. Satan and his goons have done all they could to warp our minds so as to follow the lusts of what we see. It is way easier to follow our feelings and seek the things that lay right before us than to trust in a God that is not visible. Why? Well ask yourself why it is we cannot see love, or hate when we feel the funny feelings inside? The feelings we get can only cause confusion when we don’t understand what it is that fuels these things. We can say that we want what is best for the people we claim to love but if the things that we do and say don’t truly reflect love then how much truth lies inside of this. We have been deceived no less or no more than Adam and Eve were. The society we live in has been so blindsided by evil it isn’t even funny. We have doctors that tell us that when children are high strung they need some medicine such as Ritalin. At the same time this cocaine based drug is being given to our children, we have mothers and fathers that are struggling with the cocaine addiction that is on the other side of this evil. It is all about the money because if the cartels would pay taxes, then they could operate in the same shadows as the F.D.A. does. Darkness is still darkness when it is not in the light properly. It is so out of hand that the so called God fearing people are circulating in their own little groups holding on to the idea that they are safe from this. WOW! The parable of the prodigal son is a good example of this. In Luke 15:11-32, Jesus tells us of the truth about men and women who are stunned by a religious haze. If you read this parable then you can see most people always focus on the son that went our partying and fell on his face. Most never talk about the son who was always in the presence of the father. This is the average religious person we see. They have been right under the nose of God but never take the time to really appreciate Him for who He is. They take God for granted all the while prance around before others as if they are owed more for being there.

Isn’t it amazing when you meet people that have been stuck in a religious haze their whole life. Then when you attempt to get to know God and they act as if they are the ones that need to tell you what you’re doing right or wrong. Or better yet when a person truly encounters Jesus or God the Father and they are beaming with joy, then they encounter the other son in the story of the prodigal son. See people can live right under the grace of God not knowing the true meaning of it all the whole time. Going through actions doesn’t earn anything in God’s eyes. This just makes people think that they can go once a week to some building and that God is looking down upon them more than the next. This is the most ultimate form of deception and I pray for these poor souls. Love is not earned, it is given. Love is never worked for it should be freely received and always present. Jesus gave us the words that answer this question for those who doubt the words you are reading now.

John 13:34-35

34 “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another.

35 “By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”

Even the man who loved Jesus couldn’t get past the lust of the flesh and the boastful pride of life. Peter walked with the only begotten son of God, and Peter witnessed the work of God first hand. This should be humbling especially since even after it all played out we know what Peter did in the years that would pass after that denial. Jesus showed us what endless love is, and this love has no boundaries. This love does not pick and choose who it accepts. This love doesn’t take memberships. This love doesn’t see wrong or right. This love definitely doesn’t harbor un-forgiveness. It is the love that has no end and when we see the way Jesus died for all mankind, we see that He hung with His arms wide open. Jesus changed the world not just for Peter and them, He changed it for all mankind. This endless love is true and when you realize that the hurt you have acquired in life can be covered with this love, then it won’t change the world, it changes your heart so you can change the way you see the world. The deception is still present because of Satan. Jesus is getting ready to return to this world for those who love like He does. God is going to give Him the go very soon and the ones who are still playing church will be tested while they remain here playing church. God loves us but we have to truly be transparent while we are doing our best to return this love to him. There will be people that confess Jesus in their lives that don’t regularly attend church, but they show this endless love to all, and they will be saved from the hour of testing. The politics of men are the same as the religion of men, as it just leaves everyone pointing fingers. What do you think the men were doing the day they crucified Jesus, and then the earth shook as the earth went dark. I’m sure they trembled inside but we don’t hear of these accounts. I know what God does for us, and it isn’t involved in anger. Anger is the result of selfishness and God isn’t selfish. Wrath comes from denying the truth and God isn’t going to let the evil persuade the world any longer. God is faithful to his love but with this truth He has to be faithful to His word as well. People can go on acting as if these morals didn’t come from the mighty Yahweh, but in that same note you can be told that the fire isn’t hot but choose to stick your hand in it and then you only have yourself to blame for the results that come from not listening. We all either choose to accept truth or deny truth but either way it doesn’t change what is weaved into each of us. Most just want to please their lusts and worry about what others will think about them. Ask yourself why it is you can’t shake that empty feeling inside and then know that you can’t see that either but it is just as real as God’s endless love!!!!!!!!!!!!


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