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Get with the Game Plan?

So I was writing for a little over a week for "patriots of the Lord" which is a website that is claiming to base their work on truth of God's word. I wrote an article on the 5th of August 2019 about the truth of what the peace deal really means. Some will say it is propaganda and others will be scared that it is to bold, but as for me, I am doing what God has guided me to do. I am fully aware of the persecution and ridiculing that will come with the words I write, but I will not change my tone for anyone. Most people think that things just happen by happen stance, and I know that it is by the will of Yahweh that all things happen. Either we are on His side trying to understand His will or we are defying the one and only God in which makes us against His will.

So on the 6th of August 2019 I was told that the website above wanted to go in a different direction with their articles. I could go into severe detail about how this is not good, but I will refrain from that since it is all in God's hands. God knows who are trying to truly listen and speak truth for His Kingdom. We were told by the Apostle Paul that these days would come and we are here.

2 Timothy 4:3

3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires,

If we truly understand the reality of Jesus and what He did for the world, then we should constantly seek to edify people. Teaching goes through all people even when people do things that are wrong we can see that it is not the right thing to do. This can reveal different situations and teach us what not to do in life. So why can it be so hard to fathom that when we show love and speak truth that people can learn what to do in a way that truly pleases God and His Christ (anointed one). Jesus told us that in the end day's people's love would grow cold and if this isn't the end then my heart is breaking for the next generation. We can see how selfish and self-righteous people have become now, so if it gets worse than this then children will never stand a chance.

On the 8th of August 2019, American and Canadian fighter jets intercepted two Russian bomber planes 200 miles or so off the Northern coast of Alaska. This was just a little confirmation from God on what I wrote on the 5th. You can read these words and think that I am crazy or you can read them so as to prepare your hearts for what is to come. God has seen my heart and I give Him my heart on a daily basis. Jesus told us these words in the Gospel.

Luke 16:10

10 “He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much; and he who is unrighteous in a very little thing is unrighteous also in much.

This is not referring to money. This is Jesus teaching us that when we hear the truth of what Jesus did, we are to share this truth. It starts with the death and resurrection of our savior. Then after believing in our hearts that this is true, then confessing with our mouths this fact, we then at that moment have direct access to the God of all creation. Jesus told us that He is the way, the truth, and the life. Jesus never told us that the journey stops there. That is the beginning of completion and the final destination is Heaven. Until then though we can have the presence of the final destination with us at all times. When Jesus gave us the prayer in Matthew chapter 6 He was guiding us on how to reach the final destination early. God cannot be her in a broken world until Jesus returns this world back to God the way it was intended to be all along. However though because God loves us all so much He gave us a redeemer and that man was Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus sits at the right hand of God and because of Him we have the chance to allow the Holy (set apart) Spirit to come live in us. It has nothing to do with going anywhere, it has everything to do with submitting our hearts to God right where we stand. Giving Him our pain, shame, guilt, and all the good things as well. Jesus taught us that we can smash demons in our lives, and that an undoubting Faith in Yahweh always wins.

My hope for all who read these words is that you will go test God. Not just any God, the God that Jesus served. Cry out to Him to show Himself to you and mean it from your heart. Just remember that He has already seen your heart from the time you were born all the way up until these very words you are reading. The response you get might seem bad at first but it is just like loving parents here on earth, would we give our children what they want if what they were seeking is bad for them. To undo the destruction that we cause in our lives means that God has to do it His way. Trust in Him and be patient because not only will He answer with something better than you ever dreamed of, but your eternal destiny weighs in the balance. Jesus is patiently waiting to establish His reign on earth and folks we are so close now that most of you reading this will be a part of the greatest display of God's glory that this world has ever seen. The ones who deny this is going to see the wrath that God has had in store for the fallen angels for 6,000 plus years now. I hope you can mustard up just a little faith, then share this faith. The more we hear and witness first hand from God, then the more we need to shout it everywhere we go. This will show God your heart and He will see that you were faithful with a little, then He will give you more and more revelation. God Bless you all!

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