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God’s Standard is Right!

This country we live in was founded on the only truth that matters to the eternal life of all mankind. Thanks to Jesus who was the Christ (anointed one) of God, we can have direct access to Yahweh. The one and only God which the only begotten Son of God had no problem stating in His teachings that we still have right before us till this very day. John 3:16 is probably the most popular scripture in the world, and it is also so misunderstood as well. The only begotten Son means “first genes” in the Latin from which it originated. Why does this matter you might wonder? The word of God came to life in the womb of a virgin named Mary. The truth in God’s word is so very accurate and at the same time the very standard that keeps truth grounded. Adam was never born from a womb, He was formed from the very ground that God spoke into existence. After Adam’s body was formed then God breathed life into Adam. Genesis 2:7 tells us this truth and after God saw that Adam needed a mate, God then formed the woman from Adam. Jesus came from the womb of a woman and this was after 62 generations from Adam to Jesus. The birth of Jesus was only possible because of men and women engaging in the standard of God. Religion can make people live for the wrong reasons at times and leave people on the outside wondering why it is that Religion seems as messed up as the rest of the world. That is because in God’s eyes there is only one Religion that is right. James 1:27 tells us that in God’s eyes we are doing what is right when we care for widows and orphans. This is not possible either without men and women engaging in the standard of God. Traditions and Laws of men can blind our hearts from seeing God’s standards. If Jesus spent a lot of His time defying the Religion of man, then why would we spend our time perusing such things?

The fact is that we are living in the time that is just prior to the return of Jesus, and He warned us in Matthew chapter 24 that people’s love will grow cold due to lawlessness. This is so important to understand when we are trying to understand the movement that is known as LGBT. These people are persuaded by the same evil that has always plagued this world ever since the beginning of time as we know it. It is not that we turn our backs to these people because we are to show them the love of Christ no matter what. It does mean that we stand in God’s love and in the Holy Spirit we stand strong never negotiating the covenant of marriage between men and women. The Law of God is wrapped up in love and this is not the love that people of the LGBT movement are experiencing. We who know the savior, Jesus of Nazareth, should be experiencing the same love that changed the world. Love that allows hearts to break for the same things that breaks the heart of God. These days’ people choose to believe the deception of the evil that is right before our eyes. Even some churches have allowed God’s standard to be broken just to not upset people. The people that do want to stand firm in God’s word are persecuted for the very standard that gave the life to the ones that are screaming they don’t want this standard. It is amazing that they call what they have love, but they can’t even take the time to see they are totally trashing love. As a true Christian we should know that backing down from the world was never what Jesus intended. Jesus never backed down from the men who claimed to know His Father. Jesus allowed the Holy Spirit to guide Him as He would stand firm on the standards of God. The problem with America is that we want to claim we know Jesus but most only know about Jesus. Evil is all around us and is mocking the true believers of the Christ of God. See being a Christian is not a Religion, it is a way of life. Christ means “anointed one” and the “ian” means that we “specialize in” or “belong too”. So in reality we who become part of the body of the Christ we should specialize in belonging to the anointed one of the one and only God. To do this we love like Jesus loved, no strings attached forgiving all people. This doesn’t mean we accept their lack of understanding of God’s standards. It means that we love these people to death in the flesh so that they can be born again in the spirit the same as we were. It is by the Grace of God that we were given the Gospel (good news) through the life of Jesus. Now that Jesus is sitting patiently at the right hand of God for His go to return, we are the hands and feet that should be setting the standard. For too long now people have been playing church instead of truly being the church. Now that the evil has gained ground in America we have people in the highest parts of our country that have to stop and think about allowing God’s standard to take place in public. Can anyone alive truly in their heart say that they are not happy to have life? Physical Life is not possible without the truth of God’s standards which are men and women being together. Spiritual life is not truly possible without Jesus the Christ (anointed one) of God. If you are reading this then you have experienced the physical birth. So ask yourself where you stand with your spiritual birth?

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