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Truth is Love!

It is hard to swallow the things people see and do at times but no matter how people want to go about it, we have all fell victim to the deception somehow. Many are still in it and have no clue what they are doing. Others are very aware of the truth and choose to ignore it. Then you have your people who side with this evil as they have sold their souls to satan. It pains me to see the ignorance of people and if it weren’t for the saving grace of God through His redemptive plan in Christ Jesus, I too would be just as ignorant to the things we see.

1 Kings 8:54-61

54 When Solomon had finished praying this entire prayer and supplication to the Lord, he arose from before the altar of the Lord, from kneeling on his knees with his hands spread toward heaven.

55 And he stood and blessed all the assembly of Israel with a loud voice, saying:

56 “Blessed be the Lord, who has given rest to His people Israel, according to all that He promised; not one word has failed of all His good promise, which He promised through Moses His servant.

57 “May the Lord our God be with us, as He was with our fathers; may He not leave us or forsake us,

58 that He may incline our hearts to Himself, to walk in all His ways and to keep His commandments and His statutes and His ordinances, which He commanded our fathers.

59 “And may these words of mine, with which I have made supplication before the Lord, be near to the Lord our God day and night, that He may maintain the cause of His servant and the cause of His people Israel, as each day requires,

60 so that all the peoples of the earth may know that the Lord is God; there is no one else.

61 “Let your heart therefore be wholly devoted to the Lord our God, to walk in His statutes and to keep His commandments, as at this day.”

The supplications of Solomon were sincere from his heart on the day we see above but as we know the same man blessed by God would fall away into pagan worship later. Many have no clue that the star you see on the flag of Israel is the same star Solomon brought back to Israel from his pagan interactions. Why does this matter? For one you have been lied to about where the star came from. Two, if anyone who has half a brain and truly knows the God of the bible, then we know that our Father in heaven is still the same God. He extended grace and a chance to be redeemed through Christ but even through this it never changed what Yahweh (God) sees as an abomination in His eyes! To live in this false reality that we are spared from the judgement of God is foolishness and will soon become a sobering reality for this Nation. I love the sanctification process that renews my heart and at the same time it truly separates the wheat from the tares. It doesn’t mean I or anyone else becomes perfect, it means that God is in the process of doing His perfection in us and through us. We cling to the truth that the Holy Spirit brings in all things so that it can guide us in the here and now. So many view the bible as past tense and really never even become aware that we are living it at all times. Yes what has happened in the past is the past but it all has to do with the now as well. Take the above text that Solomon was recorded saying to the people in His time and then look at these words!

“Holy and eternal Lord God who art the King of heaven, and the watchman of Israel, that never slumberest or sleepest, what shall we render unto thee for all thy benefits: because thou hast inclined thine ear unto me, therefore will I call on thee as long as I live, from the rising of the sun to the going down of the same let thy name be praised. Among the infinite riches of thy mercy towards me, I desire to render thanks & praise for thy merciful preservation of me this day, as well as all the days of my life; and for the many other blessings & mercies spiritual & temporal which thou hast bestowed on me, contrary to my deserving. All these thy mercies call on me to be thankful and my infirmities & wants call for a continuance of thy tender mercies; cleanse my soul, 0 Lord, I beseech thee, from whatever is offensive to thee, and hurtful to me, and give me what is convenient for me. Watch over me this night, and give me comfortable and sweet sleep to fit me for the service of the day following. Let my soul watch for the coming of the Lord Jesus; let my bed put me in mind of my grave, and my rising from there of my last resurrection. 0 heavenly Father, so frame this heart of mine, that I may ever delight to live according to thy will and command, in holiness and righteousness before thee all the days of my life. Let me remember, 0 Lord, the time will come when the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall rise and stand before the judgment seat, and give an account of whatever they have done in the body, and let me so prepare my soul, that I may do it with joy and not with grief. Bless the rulers and people of this land, forget not those who are under any affliction or oppression. Let thy favour be extended to all my relations, friends and all others who I ought to remember in my prayer and hear me I beseech thee for the sake of my dear redeemer in whose most holy words, I further pray,

Our Father, who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, On earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen.

"O eternal and everlasting God, I presume to present myself this morning before thy Divine majesty, beseeching thee to accept of my humble and hearty thanks, that it hath pleased thy great goodness to keep and preserve me the night past from all the dangers poor mortals are subject to, and hast given me sweet and pleasant sleep, whereby I find my body refreshed and comforted for performing the duties of this day, in which I beseech thee to defend me from all perils of body & soul. Direct my thoughts, words and work, wash away my sins in the immaculate blood of the Lamb, and purge my heart by thy holy spirit, from the dross of my natural corruption, that I may with more freedom of mind and liberty of will serve thee, the ever living God, in righteousness and holiness this day, and all the days of my life. Increase my faith in the sweet promises of the gospel; give me repentance from dead works; pardon my wanderings & direct my thoughts unto thyself, the God of my salvation; teach me how to live in thy fear, labour in thy service, and ever to run in the ways of thy commandments, make me always watchful over my heart, that neither the terrors of the conscience, the loathing of holy duties, the love of sin, nor an unwillingness to depart this life, may cast me into a spiritual slumber, but daily frame me more & more into the likeness of thy son Jesus Christ, that living in thy fear, and dying in thy favour, I may in thy appointed time attain the resurrection of the just unto eternal life. Bless my family, friends & kindred, unite us all in praising & glorifying thee in all our. works begun, continued, and ended when we shall come to make our last account before thee blessed saviour, who hath taught us thus to pray, Our Father, . . .

Almighty God, and most merciful father, who didst command the children of Israel to offer a daily sacrifice to Thee, that thereby they might glorify and praise thee for thy protection both night and day; receive, 0 Lord, my morning sacrifice which I now offer up to thee. I yield thee humble and hearty thanks that thou hast preserved me from the dangers of the night past, and brought me to the light of this day, and the comforts thereof, a day which is consecrated to thine own service and for thine own honour. Let my heart, therefore Gracious God, be so affected with the glory and majesty of it, that I may not do mine own works, but wait on thee, and discharge weighty duties thou requirest of me; and since thou art a God of pure eyes, and wilt be sanctified in all who draw near unto thee, who doest not regard the sacrifice of fools, nor hear sinners who tread in thy courts, pardon, I beseech thee, my sins, remove them from thy presence, as far as the east is from the west, and accept of me for the merits of thy son Jesus Christ, that when I come into thy temple, and compass thine altar, my prayer may come before thee as incense; and as thou wouldst hear me calling upon thee in my prayers, so give me grace to hear thee calling on me in thy word, that it may be wisdom, righteousness, reconciliation & peace to the saving of my soul in the day of the Lord Jesus. Grant that 1 may hear it with reverence, receive it with meekness, mingle it with faith, and that it may accomplish in me, Gracious God, the good work for which thou hast sent it. Bless my family, kindred, friends and country, be our God & guide this day and forever for his sake, who lay down in the Grave and arose again for us, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”

These were the words recorded from none other than George Washington himself! Don’t believe me do your homework! Why does this matter? The God that Solomon prayed to in 1 Kings is the same God that Washington prayed to daily! The only difference is that Washington knew about the redemption of Christ because it had not yet come to pass in Solomon’s day! Now here we are in modern day America and the same pagan worship that brought the judgment of Yahweh on Israel will soon bring the judgement of Yahweh on America for our abominations! Aborting babies is the same as child sacrifice! Gay marriage is the same abomination that took place in the days of Lot!

Leviticus 18:21

21 ‘You shall not give any of your offspring to offer them to Molech, nor shall you profane the name of your God; I am the Lord.

Leviticus 20:2

2 “You shall also say to the sons of Israel:

Any man from the sons of Israel or from the aliens sojourning in Israel who gives any of his offspring to Molech, shall surely be put to death; the people of the land shall stone him with stones.

Leviticus 20:3

3 ‘I will also set My face against that man and will cut him off from among his people, because he has given some of his offspring to Molech, so as to defile My sanctuary and to profane My holy name.

The same evil spirit that was fooling people then, is doing it now. If you can’t wrap your mind around this then obviously you are not a believer. To believe in Christ means we full heartily believe in the word of God. We can’t just pick and choose the things we want or don’t want. The evil is counting on the fact that people are doing such foolishness as we speak. The satanic elite know exactly why they thrive on abortion. The same way they know what happens when the family is destroyed and how gay marriage perverts the land as well!

Genesis 18:20

20 And the Lord said, “The outcry of Sodom and Gomorrah is indeed great, and their sin is exceedingly grave.

Genesis 19:24

24 Then the Lord rained on Sodom and Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven,

If you are not aware of this story I would read both chapters in Genesis above. It is the same perversion we see now. The living God who tells the world of what is right and wrong, is the same God who gave us a way back to Him through Jesus! Jesus will come very soon but this does not change the fact that Yahweh is fuming pissed off right now at this evil in the world. It does not change the fact that the abominations are going to be judged. To think America will not be judged for such evil is foolishness. I have written many blogs explaining the coming judgement and I can only tell so many people in this world that I come in contact with! It is up to people who hear these warnings to speak truth to others around them! If you can’t understand any of this then you need to give your heart to Jesus, like right now.

“Jesus I believe in what you did at the cross as you died for my sins and rose again on the third day. I believe you are sitting at the right hand of the Father in heaven and I am sorry for all my abominations against God! Please help me repent daily and lean on the Holy Spirit to help me change my heart. I don’t want to be deceived by this evil any longer please help me open my heart and eyes to all your truth”

It is our hearts that Yahweh the Father sees and it is through His Son Jesus we can all find salvation! This needs to be told to people but at the same time we have to warn them of what is coming! God’s word is final, so the same spirits of Babylon will get the same wrath they have always been warned about. For those who deny God and His Christ you will take part in this wrath. You can’t say you were not warned if you have read these words. Look at the prophets words!

Isaiah 47:1-15

1 “Come down and sit in the dust,

O virgin daughter of Babylon;

Sit on the ground without a throne,

O daughter of the Chaldeans!

For you shall no longer be called tender and delicate.

2 “Take the millstones and grind meal.

Remove your veil, strip off the skirt,

Uncover the leg, cross the rivers.

3 “Your nakedness will be uncovered,

Your shame also will be exposed;

I will take vengeance and will not spare a man.”

4 Our Redeemer, the Lord of hosts is His name,

The Holy One of Israel.

5 “Sit silently, and go into darkness,

O daughter of the Chaldeans,

For you will no longer be called

The queen of kingdoms.

6 “I was angry with My people,

I profaned My heritage

And gave them into your hand.

You did not show mercy to them,

On the aged you made your yoke very heavy.

7 “Yet you said, ‘I will be a queen forever.’

These things you did not consider

Nor remember the outcome of them.

8 “Now, then, hear this, you sensual one,

Who dwells securely,

Who says in your heart,

‘I am, and there is no one besides me.

I will not sit as a widow,

Nor know loss of children.’

9 “But these two things will come on you suddenly in one day:

Loss of children and widowhood.

They will come on you in full measure

In spite of your many sorceries,

In spite of the great power of your spells.

10 “You felt secure in your wickedness and said,

‘No one sees me,’

Your wisdom and your knowledge, they have deluded you;

For you have said in your heart,

‘I am, and there is no one besides me.’

11 “But evil will come on you

Which you will not know how to charm away;

And disaster will fall on you

For which you cannot atone;

And destruction about which you do not know

Will come on you suddenly.

12 “Stand fast now in your spells

And in your many sorceries

With which you have labored from your youth;

Perhaps you will be able to profit,

Perhaps you may cause trembling.

13 “You are wearied with your many counsels;

Let now the astrologers,

Those who prophesy by the stars,

Those who predict by the new moons,

Stand up and save you from what will come upon you.

14 “Behold, they have become like stubble,

Fire burns them;

They cannot deliver themselves from the power of the flame;

There will be no coal to warm by

Nor a fire to sit before!

15 “So have those become to you with whom you have labored,

Who have trafficked with you from your youth;

Each has wandered in his own way;

There is none to save you.

The same truth echoes in Revelation as the warning to America because we are the Harlot that turned our back on the truth of God’s word!

Revelation 18:7

7 “To the degree that she glorified herself and lived sensuously, to the same degree give her torment and mourning; for she says in her heart, ‘I sit as a queen and I am not a widow, and will never see mourning.’

Do you find it just a coincidence that it was just over 230 some years after Solomon prayed to Yahweh, then the abominations had added up bringing the destruction of Israel as the Babylonians captured them? It just so happens that George Washington was inaugurated officially on April 30th, 1789! Umm, you do the math people! All I can tell you is to repent now because it will not be pretty for this Nation. If you think this is all just foolishness that I write then I feel sorry for you. My God is real and so is His Christ Jesus! Jesus is waiting patiently for you to turn to Him so that He can give you eternal life with the Father, Yahweh! The truth will never change, it can only change you! Time is running out for this broken evil world and it will soon fall apart because it refuses to repent. America is just the first example of many that will be displayed on this earth for defying the will of Yahweh! May Yahweh Bless you and His Christ guide your steps!

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