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What about God?

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

In a country that was founded one Nation under God we sure don’t hear a lot about God anymore. The main stream media and news has done a good job at silencing the Christian voice. Wait, is it that or is it that the Christians have failed to stand firm in God’s word? Can we who honestly believe the word of God say that we can blame those who are blinded from the evil? Jesus told us in Luke 6:39 that a blind man cannot lead a blind man. This is what we get when we see these men and women without the love of God in their hearts. The truth of what Jesus the Christ (anointed one) did for all mankind should be evident in those who claim to know Him. People these days want to reap the benefits of what Jesus did, but they don’t want to submit to His authority. If we truly have submitted to the authority of Jesus then love, gentleness, patience, kindness and the Holy Spirt of God is physically seen in our actions.

We hear these democratic men and women tell us about how they will hand out free health care, and how they will fix America. The problem with their ideas is that none of them ever mention God in their plans. Trump is a man that has made many mistakes in his life, what person in this world has not. What is the difference between Trump and all other Americans in this time we live in? God has ordained Trump for such a time as this! We all have a purpose for God’s Kingdom and so many Christians today are too busy allowing other men and women tell them about God, instead of truly walking with God.

Kim Clement was a prophet of God that accurately spoke the words from God to this world in 2007, announcing that Trump would be president. Too many people are so wrapped up in the lies of this evil culture and they never take the time to get to know God. God wants to speak to us all, but we cannot just go to a worship center once a week and deny God in our hearts the rest of the week expecting that God will honor such fake actions. The average person gets scared when an actual man of God speaks life to them. Why? For those who don’t truly know God they are going to get scared inside. They have adopted the ways of men most times which will leave people scared of the laws of man and not fearing the God who gives life.

Isaiah 29:13 tells us of the fake words that people were giving to God, all the while their hearts were never given to God. Jesus was born to show the world the truth and He did just that. This is still truth till this day and will be truth for eternity. The question is, do you know Jesus or do you know about Jesus? Jesus was and is the only begotten Son of the Creator. 600 some years after the words that God gave Isaiah, Jesus was speaking the same words to the religious men of that time. If we look at the real meaning of what religion means from the Latin it derived from, then we get the meaning of “what one believes to be right”. So in the days that Jesus was in, the men were doing what they believed to be right for them. This has never changed for men or women who listen to men. Jesus gave His life and was raised from the dead to give everyone direct access to Yahweh (God).

James Madison, one of our founding fore fathers, staked the future of American civilization not on the power of government, but on the Ten Commandments of God and for people to govern ourselves under God. We have to vote for men/women of God hands down! The God we were founded on is the only God there is. The freedom of religion was an amendment added later to the constitution. If we truly were given the right to do what one believes to be right then that explains why we are in the shape we are in. God set forth the standard in His words to us, and the men who fought to get free from tyranny were rooted in these truths. If you are a person that finds yourself asking why these politicians are so crazy these days, then you probably want to know the truth of things. Well that is easy if you get to know the one who holds the truth!

John 8:31-32

1 So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine;

32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”

We hear so many say that the truth shall set you free, and this is not true if we don’t know the root of truth. It is just like the freedom of religion, we can’t just make things up and expect these things to be truth. Now we have lost the whole of society to the evil people who claim they hold the answers to this country’s problems. We have the chance to gain ground fast now, and it doesn’t mean we debate about these stupid things these politicians are talking about. It means that we give our hearts to God, and fully repent in our ways. Repent means to “change the mind”, and in order to do this we have to have the help of the one who holds the truth. Jesus died to save the whole world, not just a part of the world. These men and women who are blind, they are loved the same as those of us who have been given spiritual sight. The only difference is that we who have heard the gospel of our savior know that we are forgiven. This doesn’t mean we are better than them, it just means we have been blessed to hear the truth.

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